Tokyo Olympics: Better Health Campaign


Tokyo Olympics: Better Health Campaign

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Scope of Project

Wrote copy for on-image and social captions for the campaign

Created and optimized paid search copy

Wrote and interviewed campaign ambassadors for long form blog content

Provided feedback and brand edits to third-party creative

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Project Summary

The One Dream, Better Health Campaign ran during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. The goal of the campaign was to highlight three different athletes, in three different stages of their careers, and show that despite their differences, their goals are part of the bigger dream we all share – that no matter who you are, where you are, or what stage of life’s journey you’re in, having better health is a dream we all share.

My responsibility over the course of the campaign was to grow Thorne’s brand awareness by making an impact in culture and through impactful communications. This goal was achieved through creative copy assets for social, paid search, video and blog content.

Some quick highlights:

  • Campaign drove an estimated 15% bump in DTC sales
  • 22% improvement in customer acquisition
  • Generated more than 200 million impressions and 4 million engagements on social

Project collaborators: Jerod Gibson (Creative Director), Cheyenne Eggert (Design Manager), Team Win (Outside Agency)

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