Product Descriptions, eCommerce, and Packaging Examples

Brands: Thorne, Onegevity, Effusio

Product Descriptions, eCommerce, and Packaging Examples

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My Experience

Research keywords to optimize content

Write product descriptions and bullet points for website and Amazon

Create copy for product packaging and inserts

Conduct product research to ensure copy is relevant to audiences

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Effusio Packaging Copy for Prebiotic +
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Effusio Packaging Copy for Sleep +


My goal when crafting product descriptions was to engage and educate audiences with thought-provoking and compelling copy to show individuals exactly how Thorne products can help optimize their health and lifestyle.

Additionally, as customers continue to move away from traditional retailers and shop exclusively online, I think it’s important to always be thinking about the whole consumer buying experience. This includes product packaging/shipping, box stuffers, and other inserts that go the extra mile to support consumers in their purchase and increase their loyalty to a brand.

In collaboration with: Cheyenne Eggert, Thorne Design Manager

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