Muck Rack Brand Refresh

Muck Rack

Brand Refresh and Content Design

Scope of Project

Analyzed the existing brand messaging, tone, and voice across various marketing material and identified inconsistencies, gaps, and areas for improvement.

Organized a collaborative workshop with key stakeholders, including marketing, design, and leadership teams to facilitate discussions and align on the desired direction for the brand’s tone, voice, and personality.

Established a content design system in Zeroheight to centralize the brand’s voice and tone guidelines. Presented the content design system to relevant teams, providing training and explanations on its purpose and utilization.

Rewrote copy for marketing materials for brand refresh to ensure that the revised copy aligned with the brand’s new tone, voice, and personality.

Project Summary

This project involved conducting a comprehensive brand audit to assess the current state of Muck Rack’s tone and voice. The objective was to realign the Muck Rack’s messaging and personality with its core values and target audience. Key stakeholders were engaged in a brand discovery workshop to ensure alignment on the new direction for the brand’s tone, voice, and personality. Subsequently, new guidelines were created to provide a consistent writing approach across all marketing channels. The project also entailed rewriting copy for marketing and customer-facing pages to reflect the updated tone and voice. Additionally, a content design system was established in Zeroheight to house the brand’s voice and tone guidelines, making it accessible to all teams while providing education on its purpose and implementation.

Project outcome

The successful completion of this project resulted in a cohesive and aligned brand identity for Muck Rack, with a consistent tone and voice across all marketing channels. The new guidelines provided clarity and direction for all writing endeavors, from marketing to in-product UX, fostering a strong brand presence and connection with our PR audiences. The implementation of the content design system facilitated easy access to the guidelines, ensuring that teams across the organization adhered to the brand’s new tone, voice, and personality consistently.

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