Even though I write for a living, I still find the hardest thing to write about is myself. 

But I love a good challenge. Let’s see. Of the 20-some years I’ve spent learning about myself, here’s what I know for sure.

1. I’m innately curious. Did I say innately? I meant annoyingly curious. Seriously. I’ll spend time eating something, say like a hard-boiled egg, and I’ll find myself Googling the history of the boiled egg (it’s hard to say for sure when we started boiling eggs, as they’ve been a delicious part of our diet since our earliest ancestors. But some believe the popularity of the boiled egg rose hand in hand with the advent of pottery around 5000 BC – from there you can go down a rabbit hole into a long and detailed history of everything egg). I do this with almost everything I eat, too (It’s why I also have my own food blog).

To put it simply, I love learning new things.

2. I’ll read anything I can get my hands on. Again, like the history of boiled eggs. Or the back of cereal boxes. I even spend my lunch break doing much more reading than eating. 

3. And like a good cocktail, the above two – my love of learning & reading – mix nicely to create my love of writing. And it’s always good to love what you do.

What Do I Do?

I have experience producing messages that drive business results and grow social media followings. Some of that work includes:

Web, product, and ad copywriting

Crafting creative words and ideas for campaigns such as print advertisements, email marketing, website copy, radio and video ads, you name it. 

Longform content creation

This includes blog articles, eBooks, guides, case studies, and other informative content for inbound marketing and thought leadership. 

Copy editing & design / layout work

Print production and design work including newspapers, marketing brochures, and magazines, along with copy-editing various projects. 

Interested in collaborating on something?

I’ll help you find the right words to say.
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